Identity Design


Hillview Microfinance




Hillview specializes in digital financial support and repayment solutions, facilitating efficient loan management for its clients. Our task was to highlight these services through a comprehensive visual identity that simplifies financial control.

What we did

We began by creating a detailed style guide that ensures consistency across all brand touchpoints, from digital platforms to marketing materials. This guide encompassed typography, color palette, and logo usage guidelines, reflecting Hillview’s commitment to clarity and professionalism.

Additionally, we developed a promotional video to effectively communicate Hillview’s mission and benefits. Through careful planning and storyboard development, we ensured the video flowed smoothly while effectively showcasing Hillview’s user-friendly financial tools. Our team used advanced techniques to bring the storyboard to life with clear visuals and seamless transitions. This video serves as a powerful tool in showcasing the user-friendly financial tools offered by Hillview, emphasizing convenience and reliability.